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Making waves (well, discovering them)

Making waves (well, discovering them)

Accrofab has supplied equipment to the LIGO Project in the U.S. LIGO recently announced that their equipment had discovered gravitational waves produced by the collision of two black holes in deep space.
The ground-breaking find was announced by U.S. scientists last week, making front page news around the globe. It confirms a prediction made by Albert Einstein 100 years ago.
Nick Willers, Commercial Director at Accrofab said "We are delighted to have played a part in this historic discovery".
The Derby company, best known for its precision aerospace components, was chosen by the LIGO Observatories to make specialised vibration isolation equipment. These hi-tech parts helped the team in the U.S. detect minute disturbances that the waves make to space and time as they pass through the earth.
"The project has involved our laser cutting, precision fabrication, machining and vacuum heat treatment capability", said Mr Willers. "We always go the extra mile for our customers, but 1.3 Billion light years will take some beating!".

Published on 15/02/2016

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