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Pedal 360 Round the World Sponsorship

Pedal 360 Round the World Sponsorship

http://Pedal360.comThe Derbyshire Children's Holiday Centre is a charity that is close to the heart of accrofab's founder and Chairman, Cyril Wright because in the late 1930's he enjoyed his only childhood holiday at the Children's Holiday centre in Skegness. So when in June 2010, Leigh Timmis set off from Derby to cycle round the world to raise £10,000 in aid of the charity, it was only natural that accrofab wanted to be one of the sponsors to help and encourage him.

Leigh set out from Derby on his Derby built Mercian bike, 'Dolly' for his round the world venture that was to take two to three years. Upon his return Leigh was promised that for his efforts accrofab would donate £1,000 to the charity.

However, this was not just a bike ride around the world; it turned out to be a life changing experience that involved travelling through 51 countries spread over six continents. The experiences Leigh encountered provoked every emotional feeling known to man and some of his adventures included driving taxi's in Uzbekistan; 'breaking' into prohibited areas of Tibet; being mugged by a 'Lady boy' in Singapore; losing more than half of his drinking water in an Australian desert; sailing from New Zealand and back to Australia via Fiji after losing seven friends at sea who, but for a twist of fate he was invited to sail with...and all that before his ride through Alaska and Canada and his encounter with a Mountain Lion in the Yukon, then onwards down the West coast of the United States, before heading South through Central and South America, across to Brazil and onto North Africa before returning to Europe.

Leigh pedalled over 44,000 miles (71,000 kilometres) to altitudes over 5,000 metres on the Tibetan Plateaux, experiencing temperatures as low as -40ᵒC, depleted oxygen levels and frozen rivers before being arrested and deported to Nepal. At the other end of the temperature scale he experienced temperatures as high as +54ᵒC in Vietnam. Leigh plans to write a book about his experiences and life changing adventure over the coming months and we very much look forward to reading it.

On 22nd April 2017 after almost seven years away, Leigh returned to Derby to an emotional homecoming. Accompanied by a number of fellow cyclists who joined him on the last leg of his journey from Ticknall in South Derbyshire, a welcoming crowd of charity officials, his family, friends, colleagues and sponsors all gathered to greet him at Derby Cathedral.

For the keen cyclists and bike mechanics amongst us, Leigh had very few mechanical problems and incredibly, not one wheel spoke broke throughout the whole adventure. Apart from replacing his pedals due to worn bearings and replacing his saddle with another British made Brooks saddle that was mailed to him in Taiwan, 'Dolly' served Leigh well over the years. Needless to say the replacement saddle has been nicely 'polished' since he left Taiwan!

Well done Leigh, it was a privilege to have been able to support you. It is great to know that the spirit of adventure is very much alive and thanks for spreading your infectious enthusiasm for life and adventure in aid of such a worthy cause. 



Published on 18/05/2017

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